Uroš Jurišič: “Roberto, the belt will be mine!”

March 24th, 2017

Uroš Jurišič: “Roberto, the belt will be mine!”

Uroš Jurišič became the latest addition to Final Fight Championship’s MMA roster and he already set his eye on -77 kg division belt. The undefeated Slovenian fighter (5-0) is to make his FFC debut at FFC 29 in his hometown Ljubljana.

“I am extremely excited. FFC is a big promotion and a lot of people will see the fight. I’ve seen the events of this organization before and it’s all on the highest level possible. Everything is as it should be. So I will be ready and I will go for a KO.”

FFC President Orsat Zovko confirmed that this former TUF participant is to get a title shot in his next FFC match if he scores a win in this one. In that case, his next opponent would be welterweight champ Roberto Soldić.

“Yes, I feel great. I train hard and I will be ready. But my biggest wish is to win the title. Roberto Soldić has that belt. I respect him, but this is competition and I want that belt.”