Rok Štrucl: I have to get back to the victory path!

April 15th, 2014

Rok Štrucl: I have to get back to the victory path!

Rok Štrucl, one of the best heavyweight fighters in the region is back into the ring after a year-long break. His opponent at FFC12 Ljubljana will be Elmir Mehic. Rok told us what he thinks about his opponent and how he is feeling after a serious injury.

Rok Štrucl's last match took place at FFC3 last year in Split, Croatia. Rok told us what happened after the match: "This will be my second match at FFC and the first one after Split. I suffered an ankle injury, but that is now behind me and I've been training hard ever since the beginning of this year. We will see whether I'm in good shape and whether I made some progress."

Štrucl and Mehic have one thing in common, though. They both fought Mladen Kujundzic and they both lost. We asked Rok whether we watched the match with Kujundzic and Mehic at Glory 14 Zagreb. "Yes. I've seen the match. They both entered the fight with open mind and without any calculations. That match could have easily ended in a different way", he said.

No Rok is to fight in Ljubljana and he believes that the hall will be packed since he has a lot of faith in this events' promotion: "FFC did an amazing job; they promoted the event well and at the right time. I've seen posters all around Slovenia ever since the last month. Moreover, all Slovenian big MMA and KB names are to fight that evening. That's why I'm sure the hall will be packed and the atmosphere will be great."

In the end Rok also told us about his plans in 2014. "My plan is to return to the right path and to do as many matches as possible. I already have a match scheduled after this one in Ljubljana."