Nikita Chub: Winning the FFC title is the most important achievement of my career

April 25th, 2022

Nikita Chub: Winning the FFC title is the most important achievement of my career

Unfortunately global pandemic, the Covid-19 situation, has brought Final Fight Championship’s events to a standstill. While FFC is looking to make it’s way back in the live sporting events, we have spoken to Nikita Chub, Final Fight Championship’s kickboxing middleweight champion.

Hi Nikita! How are you and what are you up to these days?

Hello! I am doing very well. With the  Covid-19 situation, my focus these days in on my life. I am working, training and looking for good life opportunities. Of course I am in constant contact with my friends from Ukraine and my thoughts are with them.

Have you been active during the pandemic?

During the pandemic I was actively training but wasn’t fighting because of the obvious reasons. I am staying active but my focus is mainly on other things. Also I have an injury that has to be fixed surgically. I am open to something new and would like to try myself maybe as a kickboxing fights commentator.

Can you recall your match with Andi Vrtacic when you won the FFC middleweight title?

Andi is a tough fighter with an unusual style. He has long reach and you can’t expect an easy fight from him. It was a very interesting fight. It was a back and forth fight where we both had our chances. The fight went to a decision and it went my way after five rounds of grueling fight.

What did wining the FFC title mean to you?

To win the FFC title is definitely one of my biggest and probably most important achievement of my career. Not that it is just a matter of wining a title in Las Vegas where a lot of athletes dream to fight, but to win the FFC title which is one of the biggest promotions with a great team and world class level organization and fighters. Also this title was important for me to build my name in the United States where basically I’ve started everything from scratch and I really appreciate that FFC gave me the opportunity to move forward.

Which would be your favorite fight in the FFC ring and why?

Without any doubt my favorite fight in the FFC ring is my title defense against Francois Ambang. I remember me and my coach Daniel Mendes checking Ambang’s fights on YouTube, this is when all of his fights with top level fighters popped up. I remember saying to Daniel: “Daniel, we have a big job in front of us”. I would say that Francois was one of the most experienced fighters I have ever fought, but our team did a very good job and we won that fight clean.