Marjanović doubts Vrtačić really wants a rematch

March 15th, 2017

Marjanović doubts Vrtačić really wants a rematch

It did not take long for Denis Marjanović to react on Vrtačić’s rematch offer.

FFC’s new middleweight champion Andi Vrtačić offered a rematch to former champ Denis Marjanović who complained on the decision. Moreover, Vrtačić stated that he would completely dominate if it comes to that. But Denis has no doubt that the belt should have stayed his.

„People who know what kickboxing is, know the way the match is scored and what clean punches are. If someone thinks he won because he was more active, fine. But he missed and he landed punches that I blocked. Throwing insignificant punches does not count and that’s the rule both in Glory and FFC,“ stated Marjanović and explained: „The belt should have stayed mine and I was supposed to be the one to offer Andi a rematch. Now we will see.“

Marjanović admitted that it was not his best performance ever, but he also emphasized that they are a horrible match-up when it comes to style.

Despite Vrtačić’s confidence, Marjanović doubts he honestly wants that rematch.

“I don’t think he is looking forward to that rematch, as he claims, but never mind,“ concluded Marjanović.