Kujundzic: I won’t let Štrucl beat me again!

April 15th, 2013

Kujundzic: I won’t let Štrucl beat me again!

Mladen Kujundzic will have a chance to get back at Slovenian Rok Štrucl after the latter defeated him in Ljubljana as the two are set for a rematch in the introductory part of the Final Fight 3 martial arts event, which takes place on April 19 at the Velika dvorana Gripe venue in Split. Early this month, Kujundzic lost in Porec, Croatia, to Igor Mihaljevic, so there is no doubt he will be extremely motivated to get back to winning ways.

Final Fight is back on the scene with big plans. How much does it mean for your career to fight in such an organization, looking to become one of the best in the world after a certain period of time?

"It means a lot for me to be part of such an event and see my name in the fight card alongside such well-known fighters. I see this as a reward for everything I've sacrificed so far and a major encouragement to further invest in myself and my career. No question, it's a major spectacle, the fight card is great, the crowd will really have something to see. I can't wait to get into the ring."

Can you tell us something about your opponent?

"I already know a lot about Rok Štrucl. After all, we did fight a little over a year ago in Ljubljana and then I was defeated, and I won't let that happen again this time."

How are your preparations progressing and will there be any special tactics for this fight?

"The preparations are progressing according to plan, just like everything else. I need to thank the guys from the King Club in Porec, headed by their coach Leo Komsic; they've really helped me with sparring: Jurkovic, Venturini, the Paladin brothers and the rest of the team."

Can you give us your prediction for the main event, Igor Jurkovic vs. Raul Catinas?

"Raul is a dangerous knockout fighter, a really great striker, but I have utmost faith in Jurkovic and I think he's more dangerous and better than Catinas. I think that judges won't have too much work in this fight, Jurkovic will win by knockout and that is by far the most interesting fight at Final Fight 3 for me personally."

Are there already any future plans for your career after Final Fight 3?

"My plan is very simple. I need to train and wait for, hopefully, an invitation for the next Final Fight."

The K-1 WGP Final is behind us, what are your personal impressions of the event and Cro Cop's fights?

"I take my hat off to Mirko for winning the belt, it's really a fantastic success that will be remembered for a very long time.

"I'd like to take this opportunity to invite all fans of martial arts to come to Split on April 19 for Final Fight 3, they can be sure they won't regret it," Mladen Kujundzic said for Fight Site.