Kujundzic: I can’t wait for the next match!

April 15th, 2014

Kujundzic: I can’t wait for the next match!

2014 started excellent for Mladen Kujundzic. On March 8, this Croatian fighter did an amazing match for Glory, the worlds' top kickboxing organization, when he defeated a dangerous fighter from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Elmir Mehic.

One of the best fighters from the region is to fight his following match at FFC12 that is to take place April 25 in Slovenia.

You scored a big victory at Glory 14. You said it was an easy victory, that you had tougher sparring sessions than that. Does that mean that you did not need to recuperate for the following match?
"That’s true. I did not suffer any injuries and I continued with training after the match right away. I can't wait to find out the name of my opponent at FFC12".

What are your plans for the future having in mind that match at Glory is a peak of career for every kickboxer?
"Of course, Glory is every kickboxer's dream because it is the strongest organization when it comes to this sport. It is still too early to talk about my new opponent. I' am focused on FFC and I can't wait to step into the ring. I hope this will be my fifth consecutive victory."

FFC is just around the corner. Are you done with the preparations?
"Preparations are going well so far. I am satisfied, I have no injuries and that is the most important."

You still do not know the name of your opponent? How harder does it make it?
"I can't develop my tactics until I find out the name of my opponent, but that is all just a part of this spot. Of course it makes it harder, but no big deal. Both I and my team are ready for all obstacles. My coach Leo Komsic is responsible for my preparations and tactics."

What can you promise to the FFC spectators in Slovenia?
"FFC, that is, Orsat Zovko is doing a great job, while I can promise you a great match", concluded Mladen.