Igor Pokrajac signs with FFC!

January 28th, 2015

Igor Pokrajac signs with FFC!

Igor Pokrajac is the new member of the FFC roster. This Tuesday the former UFC fighter signed a deal with the leading fighting promotion in the region.

The Duke spent almost six years in the UFC, but he lost the contract after losing to Marcos Rogerio De Lima in his hometown of Rio de Janeiro last December. The Croatian striker last weekend flew to Stockholm where he met with the UFC leaders and discussed his status in the UFC. Only two days later Igor signed with the Croatian promotion, but he did not want to reveal more details.

"I am very pleased to announce that we brought a new big name in the FFC. Pokrajac is fresh off the world’s top fighting sports promotion. Igor Pokrajac is yet another proof that FFC is constantly improving the quality of its roster that is already very strong, especially when it comes to the light heavyweight division with fighters such as Sakara, Browarski, Sanchez and so on. You will see Igor in the FFC ring very soon and I believe the fans will be pleased”, said the FFC President Orsat Zovko.

“After my last defeat in the UFC we already talked about signing with the FFC. But I waited for the UFC’s final decision and everything was on ‘stand by’. We already talked about the possible date of my match and you can expect more details about it very soon”, said Pokrajac after signing the contract with the FFC.

“I am very pleased to fight for the FFC. I watched all their events and I worked as a TV commentator on most of them. I am well familiar with the rules and with the ring since this is how I started as well. I also know the FFC fighters as well as the fighting style that quite reminds me of Pride.”

The Duke also added an interesting piece of information.

“I will fight in the light heavyweight and heavyweight division since I weigh about 104 kg now. I know that the competition in the FFC is very strong and that there are some good fighters like Alessio Sakara, Eddie Sanchez, Maro Perak, Matej Batinic, Marcin Prachnio, Tomislav Spahovic, Maciej Browarski… They are all top fighters”, concluded Igor.