FFC kickboxing champion Shkodran Veseli eager to defend his title in 2020

January 8th, 2020

FFC kickboxing champion Shkodran Veseli eager to defend his title in 2020

FFC welterweight champion Shkodran “The Albanian Warrior” Veseli is ready for the next FFC season eager to defend his title.

Veseli (83-18-1) won the welterweight belt  with a 4th Round KO stoppage vs. Francois “Bang Bang” Ambang. A series of solid punches from Veseli rocked Ambang and sent him to a kneeling position at the 1:23 mark of the Round number four. To say that Veseli has a wealth of experience would  be an understatement. “The Albanian Warrior” has fought a total of 103 fights times in his young career. And nothing will stop him, especailly not injuries and accidents that marked his 2019.

‘Now I feel better and I’m back in traning after an injury on my left arm. I could not train for three months. And ever since my title fight, I couldn’t wait to defent my belt. I finally got a chance against Alan Scheinson at FFC 37 and I prepared myself very well. However, only ten days before the fight I injured my spine during a training session and could not do anything for three weeks. I also had an eye surgery this June and had to make a two month break. At the end of September I had an accident and cut a muscle on my right forearm with glass as well as my tendons. I could not move my hand for two months and had daily phisiotherapies. Last year bad luck really followed me. I had a lot of injuries.’

However, Shkodran is back and he is ready for his next move. As a former WKU, WFC and WMAC World Champion, if there is one thing you won’t see him doing anytime soon, it’s turning down a fight.

‘My training is always great and I was always prepared. Althought last year went completely wrong. Therefore I will do everything better this year and deliver top fights. 2019 cost me a lot of strength. But I am a warrior and I can’t get myself down. 2020 is here and a new chapter is being written. I also decided to move back to my family in Vienna.’

Veseli has fought under the FFC banner a total of seven times, racking up six wins. His only loss in the FFC came in a title fight against Eyevan Danenberg, who happened to be a Glory contender at the moment. This years he plans to collect even more victories in the ring.

‘My plans for 2020 are to defend my FFC title and fight a lot of good names . My goals – to stay healthy and knock people out! I let everything come to me.  Maybe we can catch up on the fight against Schenson’.

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