FFC 19 Sofia: Vladislav Genov in five questions!

May 20th, 2015

FFC 19 Sofia: Vladislav Genov in five questions!

Bulgaria's Vladislav Genov is to fight at FFC 19 that is to take place in Sofia May 29. His opponent will be Geven Hubert from the Netherlands. At FFC 7 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and <Herzegovina, Genov defeated Gergo Munczeberg via armbar and this time he will try to score a new victory in his home country.

Ahead of the fighting spectacle in the organization of the region's biggest fighting sports promotion, Genov gave a short interview to Slovenian fighting sports portal Fight Madness.

Hello, Vladislav, how are your preps going?

Hello, my preparations are going. Well, I had some injuries but everything is going good.

What can we expect from you at FFC 19 Sofia?

I will do everything I can to win this fight in Sofia, but we will see if this is enough to score the victory.

You have a match in your home country. Are you happy about that or you feel pressure?

I am happy to fight in Bulgaria and I feel the pressure because everyone I know will be there. But when i get in the ring it doesn’t matter where the fight takes place.

Your message to your opponent?

I don’t have anything to say to my opponent.

Your message to your fans?

Huge thanks to everyone who believe in me and support me , come at FFC 19 Sofia, May 29, and enjoy the show!