Eyevan Danenberg: ‘Everybody has to know me, so I have to beat everyone!’

September 15th, 2016

Eyevan Danenberg: ‘Everybody has to know me, so I have to beat everyone!’

On September 23 Eyevan Danenberg and Skhodran Veseli will decide on the inaugural FFC welterweight champ at FFC 26. It is hard even to imagine better candidates who already scored some amazing wins in the FFC ring. They were both impeccable so far and FFC leaders did not have any doubts when it comes to the title bout candidates.

This great match up was already scheduled for Vienna last spring, but the Albanian fighter sustained an injury and the match had to be postpones. In the meanwhile, Danenberg made his Glory debut which just proves his skills and qualities.

Ahead of this upcoming match Danenberg revealed he will not be happy if the match goes to decision.

How well are you prepared for the most important fight in the FFC till now?

I prepared very well like always, i feeling very strong and good so we ready.

How much do you know about Shkodran Veseli? What are his weak sides, and strong points?

I know that he’s a good fighter he is 4-0 in the FFC so i will give him his first lose on 23 September. I don’t look to much at my opponents. I know what i can do that’s important for me!

This fight was supposed to happen long time ago. How disappointed were you that  he got injured earlier this year?

I wasn’t really disappointed because they give me another opponent, it doesn’t matter for me who I’m fight. But I was very disappointed that they didn’t give me a title fight.. So I’m happy that i have the opportunity next week.

What tactics are you going to apply in this match?

I will bring a lot of action and pressure! I know he’s fighting in his own country so i will bring anything on the table.

Shkodran lived in Austria for some time. Do you thing that he will have the crowd on his side? Does it bother you?

Oow yes, 100%! The crowd will support him I already know that but it doesn’t matter for me. When the fight starts I hear nothing anymore so i don’t care.

You had your first match in Glory recently. What are your impressions?

Yes i had my first fight in June for glory, that went very well! I’ve won from a strong opponent and i will fight my second fight for glory in November so I’m very happy.

How important is for you to become FFC champion since other examples show that this belt is very valuable for every fighter’s career. Mladen Brestovac is also top Glory fighter, Pavel Zhuravlev is fighting for Glory, FFC belt helped Samo Petje to get to the Glory, etc…

It’s very important for me, FFC is a very big organization and I really want that belt! I want every belt because that’s good for my name and promotion. Everybody has to know me so I have to beat everyone! That belt will be mine

What can we expect on the 23rd?

You can expect a hard, explosive and a technical fight. I don’t want to win on point i come for the knock out! I’m 100% ready i hope you ready for this big fight. Osu!