Cheick Sidibe: Four-time world champ on his FFC debut!

September 14th, 2016

Cheick Sidibe: Four-time world champ on his FFC debut!

FFC 26 that will take place in Linz on September 23 will feature one of the best French kickboxers who is to make his FFC debut – Cheick Sidibe. This 35 year old Frenchmen has a 20 years of experience under his belt and this time his opponent will be Rene Wimmer.

“This is my first fight in this famous and great organization. I was at last FFC in Springfield and I was overwhelmed by this show and this great organization.“

Cheick Sidibe has a lot of matches under his belt and the list of his accomplishments is really impressive.

“I fought in all the continents of the world: Europe, Asia, Africa, America… I fought big internationally recognized opponent. I won four world titles: WBC, WMF, WMC and FIBA.”

All these titles are fruit of many hours and work and life attitude his mother taught him. Sidibe also claims she is his biggest role model because she taught him what’s worthy in life – work, bravery and respect.

During all these years Sidibe combined Muay Thai and kickboxing. He was very successful in both, but he also says he believes Muay Thai was more challenging.

“For me Thai boxing is more difficult than kickboxing because it is much more full, more dangerous in particular elbow. I find It is also much more physical.”

On FFC preparations and Rene Wimmer, local fighter who is his next opponent:

“I made a very big preparation for this fight. It should be a great fight for me. I am ready and am looking forward to fighting. René is a very good fighter. We visualized and studied the videos of his fights. I think it’ll be a great fight, a great war. I myself am ready for this war.“

Sidibe and Wimmer will fight in the kickboxing part of the FFC 26 event that will take place in Linz September 23. Watch FFC live on