Brestovac inks dew deal with Glory!

February 3rd, 2015

Brestovac inks dew deal with Glory!

Mladen Brestovac signed a new deal with elite kickboxing promotion Glory WS. The negotiation lasted a couple of months and his manager Orsat Zovko finally revealed more details.

“Mladen recently signed a new contract with Glory. I am glad I can say it is a very good contract for him, both financially and otherwise, and it guarantees him three matches. The first match is to happen in May or June“, said Zovko in a brief interview.

When asked about the potential opponent, Zovko did not want to reveal any details.

“It is hard to talk about that in this moment, but the situation is pretty clear. Mladen belongs to the top and already in his first Glory match he KO'ed Jahffar Wilnis, so there are some five, six other fighters he might fight.“

At FFC 17 in Opatija, Croatia, Brestovac won the heavyweight title and defeated Wiszlaw Kwasniewski from Poland. He currently has a streak of 11 victories which makes him one of the most successful kickboxers today. In last two years he also defeated great fighters such as Lascenko, Munoz, Bouzidi, Wamba, Krouba and Wilnis, as previously mentioned.

The upcoming Glory event is to take place already next weekend and it will be headlined by Verhoeven and Zimmerman.