FFC 24 Daytona Beach: Michael Stripling plans on winning in devastating fashion

June 1st, 2016

FFC 24 Daytona Beach: Michael Stripling plans on winning in devastating fashion

DAYTONA BEACH, FL – FFC 24 Daytona Beach is just around the corner coming up this very Friday at Ocean Center with six MMA matches as well as five kickboxing bouts.

One of the interesting FFC debutants that is to step into the ring this Friday is Mike Stripling who is to fight in front of his hometown audience. This 30 year old kickboxer with professional score of three wins and two losses is to face dangerous John Morehouse, but promises to defeat his opponent who also comes from the US.

Mike Stripling was raised in Pennsylvania but moved to Daytona Beach to get closer to his family and where he also got into kickboxing and Muay Thai.

‘I walked into Kru Dom’s gym one day and fell in love with Muay Thai. I always wanted to be a fighter and I was actually interested in MMA. I walked into Kru Doms’ Gym thinking it was an MMA gym. I started that week and I’ve never gone to do MMA since. I just fell in love with kickboxing and Muay Thai,’ explained Stripling.

‘I feel like the American audience thinks that MMA is more exciting. I don’t think it is, personally. General public has that misconception that kickboxing is boring or not as exciting. But kickboxing has more knockouts that MMA.’


This Friday Michael is to get a chance to prove himself in the FFC ring that already hosted some of the greatest kickboxing fighters.

‘I’m very excited about that. I’m excited to spread kickboxing through the United States and make it bigger. It’s another big organization to spread kickboxing and give us, up and coming fighters, to really get our name well-known.’

Of course, his plan is to win.

‘I plan on winning in devastating fashion, just putting on exciting fight and have a good time. I’d say it will be second round by knock out. I do not know a whole lot about my opponent. I think he has more of a Taekwondo style than Muay Thai style. Other than that, I really do not know much about him.’

FFC 24 is to take place Friday, June 3, at Ocean Center, Daytona Beach. The MMA part of the program starts at 8 PM while the kickboxing part of the event will kick off at 10 PM. For all those who will not be able to make it, watch FFC 24 live on www.fightchanneltv.com.