FFC 30 kickboxing results: Veseli is the next FFC welterweight contender

October 22nd, 2017

FFC 30 kickboxing results: Veseli is the next FFC welterweight contender

FFC 30 took place this Saturday in Linz with six kickboxing and six MMA bouts as well as a boxing match.

When it comes to the kickboxing part of the event, Shkodran Veseli fought his way to the FFC welterweight contender spot after a big win over Dimitrios Chiotis. FFC 30 kickboxing part of the event featured a couple of extremely exciting bouts, but with no big surprises.

Shkodran Veseli def. Dimitrios Chiotis – TKO, Round 2

‘The Albanian Warrior’ was definitely the main star of the event and he proved his qualities with an impressive win over Chiotis. Veseli dominated from the very beginning of the match in his definitely best FFC performance so far. He was better when it comes to speed, technique and power. With this impressive win, Veseli fought his way to the contender spot and he is to get another shot at the title against Eyevan Danenberg in a rematch that is yet to be scheduled.

Samo Petje def. Eduard Chelariu – unanimous decision

Samo Petje defeated Chelariu but he did not show what he planned to show. Chelariu started bravely showing no respect towards his opponent whatsoever. It was evident he came to fight and that’s exactly what he did. Nevertheless, first two minutes of the fight were nothing spectacular until Chelariu landed a shot that shook Petje who got angry and raised the tempo. After seeing that his opponent is not a piece of cake, Petje goes into the second round with calculated game plan and he sticks to it until the very end of the match. None of the contestants landed the finishing blow, although they did their best, but Petje collected more points on judges’ cards.

Meletis Kakoubavas def. Giorgi Bazanov – TKO, Round 3

Former FFC champ Meletis Kakoubavas scored a new win in the FFC ring. And one could say in quite an easy and routinely manner. Giorgi Bazanov has attractive style but he was just not up to his opponent. Following a similar game plan Bilić had in Zagreb when he defeated Bazanov, Meletis was getting better and better as the match went by and he landed heavy kicks on his opponents. The match was stopped at the beginning of the third round following a middle kick after which Bazanov’s corner signaled that their fighter is not able to continue.

Rene Wimmer def. Budimir Bajbić – TKO, Round 1

Budimir Bajbić failed in his attempt to shine in his FFC debut. Local fan’s favorite Rene Wimmer managed to stop Bajbić in the very first round when he landed a liver shot. Wimmer stalked his opponent most of the first round waiting for a chance to land this deadly punch and it happened after two and a half minutes.

Teo Mikelić def. Thomas Leitner – unanimous decision

Croatia’s fighter and former lightweight contender Teo Mikelić stepped up to fight Austria’s Thomas Leitner and won in his FFC comeback despite the fact that he had a tough match the weekend before. Mikelić was evidently fresh in the first round, but Leither fought back well. As the minutes passed, Mikelić was getting more relaxed with a couple of attractive moves and in the end it seemed like he was eager to continue, while Leitner looked exhausted.

Markus Ehrenhofer def. Benjamin Masudi – unanimous decision

Markus Ehrenhofer and Benjamin Masudi both fought in their FFC debut at FFC 30. Both eager to prove themselves in the FFC ring, Ehrenhofer and Masudi fought at fast pace but none of them managed to finish the opponent. Masudi landed a couple of exciting shots, but Ehrenhofer countered even better. The bout went the distance and judges decided in favor of the Austrian fighter.