FFC 29 MMA: Jelčić scores another KO, Vila dominates Kolarič, earns submission win

April 23rd, 2017

FFC 29 MMA: Jelčić scores another KO, Vila dominates Kolarič, earns submission win

Luka Jelčić remained FFC lightweight champion after he brutally KO’ed Roberto Pastuch. Ahmed Vila also scored an impressive win as well as Abusapiyan Magomedov, Ivan Erslan and Marko Ostanek.


Luka Jelčić vs. Roberto Pastuch – KO, Round 1

It took only five seconds for Pastuch to take down Luka Jelčić who did not expect such an aggressive offensive from the Argentine fighter. Luka manages to get up after thirty seconds with Pastuch on his back. Nevertheless, Jelčić gets out of that position and gets into full mount. From that position he starts to throw brutal elbows and KO’es Pastuch from half-guard position.

Luka Jelčić thus defended his lightweight title in only one minutes in 15 seconds.

Abusupiyan Magomedov def. Sergio Souza – submission (guillotine), Round 1

Abusupiyan Magomedov impressed the FFC audience again and this time even more that in his debut match with Ivica Trušček. Magomedov started aggressively from the very beginning and knocked down his opponent with an uppercut after only one minute. Very soon after that he finished Souza via stand-up guillotine. Impressive!

Ahmed Vila def. Tilen Kolarić – submission (triangle choke), Round 1

The bout between the former FFC champ and FFC Futures champion lasted for only two and half minutes, but it was packed with action. At the very beginning of the first round it seemed that Kolarič was relieved by the fact that he was an underdog in this match and he started very aggressively. He managed to take his opponent down and tried to find a way to finish him. However, Vila remains calm and manages to grab Kolarič’s arm. Kolarič manages to withstand the pressure and Vila lets go only to get to an even better position when he finishes Kolarič via triangle choke. The choke was too tight and Kolarč taps. Vila once again proved that he has an excellent technique which he lately polished in Stockholm’s famous Allstars Gym.

Ivan Erslan def. Ivica Tadijanov – split decision

In the first round Erslan and Tadijanov tested each other and kept the distance after which Tadijanov lands a right hook and closes the distance. First they clinched on the ropes and then got to the corner of the ring. Erslan managed to get out and Tadijanov seized the opportunity to take down his opponent only 30 seconds before the end of the round not having enough time to inflict any damage.

Erslan goes into the second round more decisively and manages to shake up Tadijanov after 30 seconds before landing another big shot after which Tadijanov finds himself in a dangerous position. Tadijanov manages to take the fight to the ground but Erslan manages to get into full mount while inflicting damage to his opponent. Tadijanov manages to get to his feet again by the middle of the round but Erslan continues with punches until Tadijanov manages to close the distance and to take him down again. However, it was only 45 second before the end of the round and he merely managed to hit Erslan with a couple of elbows.

The last round was a stand-up round again. Erslan looked better and his punches were more precise. It was obvious that both fighters were tired but Erslan was ready enough to defend himself from Tadijanov’s takedowns. He scored points with single shots and thus won the third round.

Judges scored 30-28, 28-29, 29-28 in Erslan’s favour.

Marko Ostanek def. Jasmin Memović – unanimous decision 

The match kicked off quite inactively for the first four minutes of the first round. Both fighters entered this match with a lot of respect and Ostanek managed to get into the full mount no sooner that at the end of the round. He did not inflict any damage to his opponent but did enough for the judges to score in his favour.

After a minute and a half in the second round, the fight goes to ground and Ostanek manages to get into the full mount controlling his opponent. Memović manages to get up for a brief moment but Ostanek takes him down again. However, Memović seized the opportunity to make a transition and get into the full mount. He tries to get into position to choke his opponent but Ostanek remains calm and turns the situation to his favour. In the last minute of the round they change the positions once again and Memović tries to get the guillotine, but fails to do so.

In the third round Ostanek controls the situation again and manages to take Memović down. Memović barely had strength to try to get the armbar, but fails in the attempt and Ostanek controls him to the very end rightfully winning the match.