FFC 28 Athens: Tense Atmosphere at the Weigh-In and Face Off

March 10th, 2017

FFC 28 Athens: Tense Atmosphere at the Weigh-In and Face Off

Final Fight Championship (FFC) is gearing up for its FFC 28 event on Fight Channel World and www.fightchanneltv.com, locked and loaded for this Saturday night (March 11, 2017) in Athens, Greece.

Official FFC 28 weigh-in took place today in heated atmosphere ahead of the upcoming Final Fight Championship event that is to take place tomorrow at Galatsi Olympic Hall. The weigh-in hall was packed with media, reporters and fans that all came to check out the fighters before they step into the ring tomorrow evening. And none of the fighters failed to meet the weight this time! However, things quite heated up on several occasions and FFC President Orsat Zovko had to separate the rivals ready to lock horns even before the official bell.

Pejić and Savvidis on the verge of a fight, high tensions between Petje and Kakoubavas

Things got especially heated up between Croatia’s best MMA prospect and young Greek fighter in featherweight division. Filip Pejić weighed 68,4 kg while his opponent Alexis “The Furious Kid” Savvidis weighed 700 grams less. The two agreed to fight in catchweight (68 kg). During the face off the rivals started pushing each other but then it started to get serious and Orsat Zovko was forced to separate the two before it escalated.

It was no less tense when it comes to the most anticipated match-up of the card which is as well set to be the main event of the kickboxing part of the show. Slovenia’s Samo Petje weighed 71.5 while his opponent, the man who brutally KO’ed him a year ago, Meletis Kakoubavas weighed 200 grams less. This match was also agreed to be in catchweight (72 kg). While the crowd applauded Kakoubavas who is fighting on his own turf, Petje did not get distracted and Zovko had to intervene again after the two were literally nose to nose in a face-off.

Stošić weighs 105 kg, Zahariev 130 kg

Despite the fact that the card is full of exciting bouts, the most attractive fights will sure be the title bouts. MMA heavyweight champ Darko Stošić weighed 105,5 kg while his opponent, Bulgaria’s experienced heavyweight Emil Zahariev weighed tremendous 130 kg.

Two FFC champs will defend their belts in Athens for the first time. Denis “The Lumberjack” Marjanović officially weighed 85.4 kg, while his young opponent Andi Vrtačić, who is also student of Croatia’s famous MMA fighter Zelg Galešić, weighed 85,4. Marjanović will thus defend his belt for the first time after he won it in a bout with Austria’s Rene Wimmer.

Holland’s Eyevan Danenberg, who fights both in FFC and Glory, weighed 76,8 kg, while his opponent Ivan Bilić weighed 77,4.

The official FFC 28 program at Galatsi Olympic Arena kicks off at 8 PM (GMT+2) with kickboxing part of the event. However, seven bouts in the Pre-games event start at 4:30 PM (GMT+2).

Check out the FFC 28 weigh-in results below.

FFC 28: Athens: Greece vs. Rest of the World


Robin Van Roosmalen (NED) 69.3kg vs. Risto Dimitrov (FYROM) 68.0kg, -69kg
Darko Stošić (SER) 105.5kg vs. Emil Zahariev (BUL) 130.0kg, HW – title match
Filip Pejić (CRO) 68.4kg vs. Alexis Savvidis (GRE) 67.7kg, -68kg
Stamatis Moroulis (GRE) 83.0kg vs. Edgar Santos (BRA) 84.2kg, -84kg
Andreas Michailidis (GRE) 84.5kg vs. Borče Talevski (FYROM) 84.5kg, -84kg
Alexandros Papadimitriou (GRE) 69.9kg vs. Giannis Michalopoulos (GRE) 69.5kg, -70kg


Samo Petje (SLO) 71.5kg vs. Meletis Kakoubavas (GRE) 71.3kg, -72kg
Eyevan Danenberg (NED) 76.8kg vs. Ivan Bilić (CRO) 77.4kg, -77kg – title match
Denis Marjanović (CRO) 85.4kg vs. Andi Vrtačić (CRO) 85.3kg, -85kg – title match
Stavros Grigorakakis (GRE) 120.0kg vs. Tomislav Čikotić (CRO) 107.5kg, HW
Marios Blanas (GRE) 82.3kg vs. Giannis Fezoulai (ALB) 83.6kg, -85kg
Nikos Hysen (GRE) 66.5kg vs. Zahid Zairov (RUS) 67.3kg, -67kg