Emkic still hopes for a rematch against El Bouni

July 5th, 2013

Emkic still hopes for a rematch against El Bouni

After beating Ivan Stanic in Osijek, Igor Emkic suffered a heavy knockout at the very following FFC event against Ibrahim El Bouni.

It was all over in less than half a minute of the first round when El Bouni landed a terrific cross on Emkic’s chin.
The Bosnian fighter told Fight Site shortly after the fight that he would like to do a rematch someday, and he repeated the statement last week in a brief interview with sport24.ba.

“The FFC will bring top quality MMA and K-1 fights to Sarajevo. I think there’s never been this kind of an event in Bosnia and Herzegovina before when it comes to the martial arts scene. I’m glad that viewers will be able to see lots of local fighters who’ll represent Bosnia and Herzegovina in the best possible light.”

“As for my opponent, I’d prefer if it would be Ibrahim El Bouni to show that what happened in Porec was pure luck and it’ll never happen again. There’s plenty of time left until October, so we’ll see,” Igor said.