Batinic: I will try to score a victory in Osijek

March 31st, 2014

Batinic: I will try to score a victory in Osijek

This Friday in Osijek at FFC 11, Matej Batinic is to have his first match this year and he is to fight with Andor Filho from Hungary.

This young fighter from Zagreb scored as many as eight consecutive victories and he hopes he will continue in the same manner this year after a shorter break.

"Yes, I really haven’t fought in a while in comparison to the last year. I am ready for this match although I have not been training specifically for this one since I was preparing for another match. I accepted this fight a week ago and I think it will be useful to get back into the ring", said Matej to

"I checked out some of this fights, but there are no many videos of him and I don't know what type of fighter he is and what his preferences are. I will surely try to win, but I won't reveal my tactics. You will have to see it for yourself at FFC in Osijek."

It will not be easy for Batinic to repeat the success of 2013 when he scored some amazing victories and was awarded the title of Croatian MMA fighter of the year by Fight Site team.

"I did not make any big plans for this year. I just have to keep on training and I have to be ready for the oncoming matches. I hope my health will serve me well like last year to avoid some serious injuries", added Matej.