Agron Preteni injured, his Final Fight 3 bout cancelled!

April 15th, 2013

Agron Preteni injured, his Final Fight 3 bout cancelled!

One of Croatia's biggest K-1 prospects, Agron Preteni, should have faced a new difficult challenge in his career against dangerous Belgian Mamadou Keta at Final Fight 3 in Split, but bad news have arrived from the south of Croatia.

During his prestige fight with Andrei Stoica at K-1 World Grand Prix Final, which he ultimately won, Preteni suffered a shoulder injury which didn't seem too serious at first and it was expected to heal before April 19 and FFC 3.

However, a week ahead of the event in Split it has become clear that the shoulder injury will not heal in time, meaning that Preteni will not be fully prepared for a hometown fight and cancelling the bout was the only option in this case.

As Fight Site was informed by promoter Orsat Zovko, efforts will be made to find a last-minute substitute, although everyone is aware that there is very little time left to find a quality fighter ready to step up.
Still, even if no new fighter can be found, the remaining nine fights in Split are a warranty for a top quality event that should definitely not be missed, and tickets are available for purchase via the Eventim system at very affordable prices, starting from 80 HRK (about 10 EUR).